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Wel Come to Tree Top.

Thai food currently enjoys worldwide popularity, and in all its delicious regional forms is very much the "in" cuisine of the moment.

Traditional Thai cuisine embodies a creative combination of delicate herbs and subtle and distinctive spices, market-fresh ingredients, delicious tastes and exotic visual appeal.

Here in feature some of the most popular Thai dishes the classic "Tom Yum Kung" a uniquely Shrimp hot & sour soup that epitomises a cuisine renowned for it essential simplicity, creativity, artistic flair and delicious tastes.

At Tree Top we offer a variety of favorite dishes from Asia, all prepared with the leanest possible cuts of beef, poultry pork or seafood, delicately balanced with vegetables, herbs and spices. The Chef has minimized the use of oil, salt and uses no MSG, without sacrificing the taste. If you like your dishes prepares a certain way, please indicate that to our staffs.

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Dining Out

Food doesn't get much prettier than this.

Our entrees arrived on wide black plates laden with a rainbow of vegetables -- purple-skinned eggplant, deep-green broccoli, vividly orange carrots, bright red peppers -- so lovely that each meal looked like a work of art. The veggies were sauteed only until slightly tender, not cooked so long that their natural colors had faded. And, in a sophisticated touch, the white rice on each plate was shaped into a cone, like a tiny pyramid.

By Sacha  Pfeiffer

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Boston Metro

Fine Thai Food

hides along Waltham strip

Prospect Street in Waltham is the quintessential commercial area for accomplishing life's nitty gritty task. Aseries of gas stations, auto-parts stores and sub shops seems unbroken. However, between two of these grey thorns is a very bright rose.

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The Justice

Asian Flair

Restaurant Reviews

By Michael Kravit

Tree Top Thai Cuisine is a tiny, family owned establishment located at 53 Prospect Street in Waltham, From the street, Tree Top seems to be just another run-down Waltham restaaurant, Nothing special. But don't be fooled by the way that Tree Top looks from the outside.

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